We offer a comprehensive line of commercial overhead and sectional doors.  You can expect exceptional quality and dependability in every model installed.  Commercial overhead doors not only need to look good, but they must provide your business with the security that you require.  Let Top Notch Garage Door get your business outfitted with the right door for the right application.

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Commercial Garage Door Opener Systems

 LiftMaster 3900 – Light Duty Jackshaft Operator

The 3900 model is designed for use on light-duty commercial standard and high lift (5 ft. high lift max) sectional doors. Maximum recommended duty cycle: 10 cycles per hour.

It features a compact design ideal for limited height, cathedral, or obstructed ceiling installations. It may be used on standard and high-lift (maximum 7 ft. high-lift) sectional doors measuring up to 14 ft. high and up to 18 ft. wide, but not exceeding 180 sq. ft. or 650 lbs.

  • 115 volt 1 Ɵ.
  • Control the Open/Stop/Close sequencing needs for your door operation with a single button control (SBC).
  • Improve durability with the NEMA 1 type electrical box construction with a powdercoat finish.
  • Mount on the left or right side of the door. No rails to hang, the operator simply mounts on the wall and attaches to the door shaft through chain and sprocket. (3900 can mount directly to shaft)
  • Enable limit setting for ease of installation and adjustment to ensure accuracy even after a power failure.
  • Ensure peace of mind with a lifetime motor warranty.
  • Provide easy, emergency manual operation using a readily accessible disconnect.
  • Protector system safety sensors.

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LiftMaster MH – Medium Duty Sectional Door Operator

The MH medium duty hoist operator is designed for use on small rolling doors, grilles and industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift. Standard features include adjustable friction clutch, high-starting torque motor with overload protection, and emergency chain hoist with electric interlock.

  • 115 volt 1 Ɵ.
  • With Open/Close/Stop functions, the three push-button control station is standard for all operators. Controls with one, two and three buttons are available.
  • Maintenance Alert System provides notifications when routine maintenance is required on your Commercial Door Operator.
  • With a powder-coated finish, the NEMA Type 1 electrical box construction is durable enough for most applications.
  • Heavy-duty, oil-filled bushings.
  • Mounts on the left or right side of the door. No rails to hang—the Door Operator simply mounts on the wall and attaches to the door shaft through chain and sprocket.
  • Door Operator electromechanical limit system enables ease of installation and adjustment to ensure accuracy, even after a power failure.
  • Programmable in one-second or 15-second increments, Time-to-Close automatically closes the door.
  • Ensure peace of mind with a LiftMaster two-year warranty.

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LiftMaster MH commercial operator

LiftMaster DJ – Door Lock Jackshaft Operator

Door Lock Jackshaft (DJ) style commercial door operators are ideal for shopping mall applications with lighter rolling doors and grilles. Doors used with this operator should be balanced with the ability to be manually lifted by hand. These operators include a door lock sensor.

It features a removable hinged electrical box cover, a continuous-duty high-starting torque motor, industrial ball bearings on the output shaft and a universal-mount frame design.

  • Internal door lock sensor eliminates jamming and damage to door and operator if door is opened when locked.
  • Control function selector dial enables easy selection and programming of (7) wiring types, from constant pressure to close, to specialized Timer-to-Close functionality to meet end-user needs.
  • Continuous duty high-starting torque motor performs in demanding industrial overhead door applications.
  • Motor removable without affecting limit switch settings saves time and money for maintenance.
  • Adjustable friction clutch helps to protect door and operator from damage should the door meet an obstruction.
  • Mid-Stop enables partial opening of door to a preprogrammed position for energy savings, time savings and convenience.
  • Maximum run timer reverses or stops door if closing time exceeds expected time-frame to limit damage to door and operator.

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LiftMaster Elite Series DJ Jackshaft Operator


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