History of The Garage Door

Origins of the Garage Door

The history of the garage door is traceable back to 450 B.C. when chariots were stored in gatehouses. For example, in places like colonial America, these carriage houses were not attached to homes. Meaning owners had to walk through the elements to get to their carriages. Garages began to appear, but only slowly. In fact, the garage appeared in the English dictionary in 1902, a derivative of the French term “garer,” which means shelter. However, in the United States it’s commencement was at the start of the 20th century. In 1902 companies like Cornell Iron Works published catalogs featuring a “float over door.” Evidence of an upward-lifting garage door can be found in a catalog in 1906. Reference

Present Day Garage Doors

Garage doors today range from various visual appeals like raised panel, carriage style doors and up to custom full view doors. Most common garage doors consist of steel or aluminum composite. The reason behind it is durability and maintenance is more manageable rather than wood doors. We have a huge selection of doors ranging from standard builder grade doors up to custom overlay fiberglass and wood accent doors. Custom sizes and colors are available to suit any application. A growing trend is the hybrid custom overlay door. These garage doors consist of steel and wood overlay on the garage door exterior. These styles of garage doors have up-gradable options like different insulation levels, colors and window options to choose from. Heck, even the windows have insulation options! The size of garage doors can range from single and double door opening sizes to special cut custom size garage doors.

Top Notch Garage Door

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