Garage Door Spring Repair

If you’re present when a garage door spring breaks, you’ll immediately notice the loud noise. After this occurs, attempting to lift the garage door will make you feel its entire weight, which can vary between 150lbs to 400lbs, depending on the door’s size and specifications

At first glance, fixing the spring mechanism may seem straightforward, but in reality, it may prove to be more challenging than expected.

Due to the numerous potential injuries and risks associated with replacing the broken spring, it is recommended to hire a certified professional for the task.

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Example of a double car garage door with two torsion springs

Understanding Different Garage Door Spring Types

1) Torsion Spring

  • Torsion springs are mounted to a torsion tube located directly above the garage door (you could have one or more springs depending on door size and weight)
  • When the torsion spring breaks, it might stay attached to the torsion tube, but it’s crucial to be aware that it can also cause additional damage or dislodge, posing a potential hazard

2) Extension Spring

  • Extension springs run in parallel with the horizontal garage door tracks
  • When an extension spring breaks and there’s a safety cable in place, it prevents the spring from dangerously “flying out”

Both in the torsion spring and extension spring systems, the springs function as counterweights, balancing the weight of the garage door.

Garage door springs decrease the door’s weight to around 8-10 pounds when it is being opened. A properly balanced garage door can be effortlessly lifted with just one finger and will stay in position when released.

Garage door springs also need to be rebalanced or ‘reset’ at least once a year, or more frequently based on your door usage. A skilled garage door technician will also lubricate the springs to extend their lifespan.

broken spring garage door
Example of a broken torsion spring

What’s the average cost to replace a spring on a garage door?

Typically, the cost of garage door spring repair falls between $275 and $450, depending on factors like the type, gauge, and length of spring required for your specific garage door.

Is it OK to replace one garage door spring?

If you consider replacing a single garage door spring, it’s advisable to replace both. Opting for two new springs ensures balanced wear and tear, enhancing your garage door’s performance. Plus, it provides peace of mind, safeguarding your family from the risks associated with a broken spring.

Can I open a garage door with a broken spring?

If you discover a broken spring, refrain from using your garage door opener. Operating the opener with a broken spring can lead to costly issues, including damaging the garage door panels.

Why do garage door springs break in the winter?

While garage door springs can break at any time of the year, they are more prone to breaking during winter due to temperature fluctuations. When the temperature drops below a certain threshold, the metal contracts, causing the springs to shrink slightly. This strain during winter months increases the likelihood of spring breakage.

How long does it take to fix a spring on a garage door?

The time needed to replace garage door springs varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the garage door’s type, size, and the number of springs. For older doors with multiple failing components, the replacement process may extend up to two hours or more.

We Provide Garage Door Repair at Affordable Rates

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