Garage Door Maintenance Inspections

Before the weather starts to turn colder and winter arrives, there are two maintenance inspection checks as a homeowner should perform on their garage doors. Many emergency repair work orders occur during the colder temperatures. Have Top Notch Garage Door take a look and perform a preventative maintenance on your door and opener.

How To Test the Balance of Your Garage Door

Step 1) Close Your Garage Door

Close your garage door and disconnect your door from the opener by pulling on the red release cord.

Step 2) Manually Lift the Garage Door

Manually lift the garage door. Stop it at waist height, and keep it steady.

Step 3) Release the Door

Release the door. It should stay at waist height. If door goes down on its own, you need to have it adjusted. If it goes back up, the springs are too tight. Both of these scenarios put undue wear on the garage door opener. If the springs are too tight, the door has to work against the spring pulling it up. If the door needs re-adjustment, it has to work against gravity pulling the door down.

Step 4) Adjust the Balance

If your door moves, contact us right away—a certified technician needs to adjust it for balance right away. A certified technician has to adjust the garage door and springs for balance.

Visual Examination of Parts

  1. Start by making sure the tracks aren’t bent or rusting.
  2. Make sure the rollers on the track aren’t worn out or rusty.
  3. Examine the cables/springs for rust, broken or areas that seem worn.
  4. Close your garage door and inspect the seal around the door. You shouldn’t see any light coming through any of the four sides (left, right, top, bottom).
  5. Check the hinges on your door for rust or cracks.

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