Top 6 Garage Door Trends of 2019

With only five months left before the New Year, we thought now would be a great time to share the best new garage door trends we’ve observed in 2019 thus far. From subtle to spectacular, these features are sure to spark inspiration for your current or future garage door projects at home.

1) Stamped Steel Carriage Style Garage Doors​

Stamped Steel Carriage Style garage doors mimic the classic look of an era past while utilizing modern construction that’s made to last. A stamped steel carriage style garage door is durable, yet beautiful, and instantly increases the curb appeal of any home, which makes it a favorite among many of our customers this year. These doors are made to look like they open up like a barn door with a “plank” look bead board pattern as well as the carriage handles and hinges on the outside face for added appeal. You can’t go wrong with this option as they are very cost effective with a high visual attraction.

2) Wrought Iron Decorative Hardware

You can increase the visual appeal of a garage door with the various decorative hardware options there are. You can add a traditional stamp steel finish which never goes wrong with whichever color your garage door is. Magnetic hardware options is also available if you prefer something temporary or enjoy switching out different designs throughout the year. Premium hardware options vary from “lions head” handles into wrought iron.

3) Faux Wood Tone Accents

Upgrades that can be done to most of our standard and carriage style garage doors would be wood tone colors like Mahogany, Walnut and Golden Oak. These color upgrades give the appearance of real wood with a steel finish. Our faux wood garage doors are beautiful, easy to maintain, and offer a striking visual to any home.

4) Insulated Garage Doors ​and Quiet Door Kits

Insulated garage doors offer premium savings while providing maximum protection so it comes as no surprise to see more and more people seeing the benefits and choosing this option with their new garage door purchase. Keeping the heat or cold out is important for many as some garages are AC controlled by the house as well. Tag this along with premium white nylon rollers on your garage door track system and you have a very smooth operating garage door. Premium white nylon rollers being more durable than traditional rollers will compliment your door package.

5) Custom Overlay Garage Door Designs​

If you are looking for something with a little more design customization, our custom overlay garage doors may be what you’re looking for. We offer several different base design options along with custom designs, too. These are steel doors with an extra wood overlay. Our overlay garage doors are custom made to order for each and every customer.

6) Full View Garage Doors

Upgrading your home from ordinary to extraordinary with just a garage door can be done choosing the Full View Garage Door option. This door is full glass on all the sections and mimics on what you see at a car dealership but for your house! The glass sections can be upgraded to be tempered and insulated with various tones to them.

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