Safety Reversal System Test

How to Test Your Garage Door Opener System’s Safety Reversal System

This article will show you how to perform the test of your garage door opener’s Safety Reversal System. This article is intended for educational purposes only. Please consult your garage door opener manual for complete instructions and safety information.

WARNING: Without a properly installed safety reversal system, persons (particularly small children) could be SERIOUSLY INJURED or KILLED by a closing garage door. The Safety Reversal System MUST be tested every month. After ANY adjustment are made, safety reversal system MUST be tested. The garage door MUST reverse on contact with 1 1/2″ (3.8cm) high object (or 2×4 laid flat) on floor.

Testing the Safety Reversal System

  • To test the safety reversal system, open your garage door.
  • With the garage door fully open, place a 1 1/2″ (3.8cm) board or a 2×4 board laid flat on the floor, centered under the garage door.
  • Press the opener remote control or wall-mounted garage door control to close the door.
  • The garage door should stop and reverse upon contact with the 2×4 board.
  • The garage door should now return to the fully open position.
  • The garage door opener beeps and lights flash SLOWLY five times.

** If the garage door reverses, remove the board. The test is complete.

** If the garage door stops and does not reverse, check that your garage door opener is installed properly. Refer to the garage door opener’s manual for detailed instructions.

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Why Your Garage Door Opener’s Safety Reversal System May Not Be Working Properly

Below are some key garage door installation and opener installation points to check that make a difference between successfully passing the safety reversal test.

  1. Verify the garage door is properly reinforced, some garage doors may have pre-installed reinforcement, which can be verified by contacting the garage door manufacturer.
  2. Verify the header or garage door bracket are installed in the proper location.
  3. Verify the curved and straight arm are assembled correctly.

If everything is installed properly, it may be necessary to increase the down travel in order to get a properly reversing safety system. Follow the instructions in your manual for adjusting the travel or contact us to schedule an appointment.

After adjusting the travel, you’ll need to perform the safety reversal test again. If the garage door opener continues to fail the safety reversal test, give us a call at (770) 235-8189 or request an appointment below to have a trained garage door technician provide you with garage door opener service.

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